Peac-Treats, a Student Venture Company, announced as Canadian Company of the Year

Every year, Junior Achievement’s high school student companies create their own businesses and experience entrepreneurship first-hand. This year, one company in particular has received numerous awards and has been recognized nationally: Peac-Treats.

Today, Peac-Treats was announced as the 2011 Canadian Chamber of Commerce Company of the Year, which recognizes the best managed Junior Achievement Company in Canada in 2010-2011.

Peac-Treats was created in an Entrepreneurship 30 classroom at Albert E. Peacock Collegiate in Moose Jaw. Peac-Treats’ products included cupcake kits and candy bouquets in three different seasonal themes (Halloween, Christmas and Roughriders).  Peac-Treats launched their product line when the company hosted the first ever Small Business Open House and Trade Fair in conjunction with the launch of Small Business Week in Moose Jaw, which will now be an annual event. Peac-Treats’ opening share value was $20 with a closing value of $378.50 per share.

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