JA Sask Student Venture Company Peac-Treats talks with Brett Wilson

In early 2011, Barb McKinnon entered WIND Mobile's "Best Conversation Ever" contest.

McKinnon is an Entrepreneurship 30 teacher at Albert E. Peacock Collegiate in Moose Jaw and runs JA's Student Venture program in her classroom - meaning that her students actually create and operate their own company in Entrepreneurship 30.

McKinnon's "Best Conversation Ever" contest entry read:

Mr. Brett Wilson is a Saskatchewan hero! I admire his success as an entrepreneur, and I admire his contribution on Dragons' Den. I look forward to the weekly episode with great anticipation, wondering who or what the Dragons--Mr. Wilson in particular--will invest in that week. I often share episode clips with my students, hoping to inspire them to achieve the impossible. As an entrepreneurship teacher and Junior Achievement advisor, I invite Mr. Wilson to chat with not only me, but also with my students. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Saskatchewan, and I believe that both my students and I could learn a great deal by having a conversation with Mr. Brett Wilson. Mr. Wilson, will you chat with us? We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you!

This entry was selected as the very first "Best Conversation Ever" among over 2500 other entries. The 10-minute Skype call between Brett Wilson, Barb McKinnon, and her students was set for May 27, 2011.

Click here to watch a video of the Skype call.

Everyone gathered in the school theatre to participate in the Skype call with Wilson on a large screen. Some technically problems were experienced during the first few minutes of the call, so Wilson informed McKinnon and her students that he would reboot his computer - and instead walked down the hallway and surprised them with an in-person visit! Wilson remained with McKinnon and her class for an hour to answer questions and discuss entrepreneurship.

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